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Piper Neil Watt

Name:   NJ Watt

Email:   neil_watt@hvrpolicepipesanddrums.org

County:   Ulster

Occupation:  NYS EnCon Police Officer (Ret)

Position In Band:  Piper & Quartermaster

When did you start piping?

February 2006

How did you get your start in piping?

EnCon Police started a band, We were directed to join local band so we would be able to practice with more regularity. 

Who was/were your teacher(s)?

HVRPPD’s Andre Beliveau

What make of bagpipes do you play? 


Favorite Pipe tune?

Too many to name one

Favorite Pipe band?

Hudson Valley Regional Police Pipes and Drums

What bands have you played with?

I'm Just a member of two, EnCon & HVRPP&D, but have played for Police Funerals with Albany and western NY pipe bands. I have also Played in the West Point Tattoo with our band Mass Bands from the grater NY & NJ area. 

What is your most memorable moment during your piping career?

My first parade in 2006, trying to march and play at the same time, All while  having Hank laugh loudly at me because the kilt I borrowed was way too small.  It ended up I could only march and play Amazing Grace Quick time.  We won the trophy for that parade!

What would your wish be for the band in the next few years?

To actually have a real band meeting before we eat and drink!  Or is that to eat and drink before we have a real band meeting? I don't know.

What is the best tip that you can suggest to a new piper?

If you decide to play, listen to those members who can.  I continue to listen and learn.

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