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Drum Corporal Matt Nolan

Name:   Matt Nolan

Email:   matt_nolan@hvrpolicepipesanddrums.org

County:   Orange

Occupation:   FDNY

Position In Band:   Drummer


When did you start drumming?

Drum kit in 2nd grade, Pipe drumming in 2004

How did you get your start in drumming?

In elementary school band. And for pipe drumming my best friend Jim Noble got me into this band.

Who was/were your teacher(s)?

Dennis Barnett

What make of drum do you play? 


Favorite Pipe and Drum tune?

Steamtrain to Mallaig

Favorite Pipe and Drum band?

FDNY, NYPD and Hudson Valley Regional Police

What bands have you played with?

Hudson Valley Regional Police and FDNY EMS

What is your most memorable moment during your drumming career?

The Marty Mitchetti 10-13

What would your wish be for the band in the next few years?

Learn more complex tunes

What is the best tip that you can suggest to a new drummer?


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