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Piper Terry Mullen

Name:   Terrence F. Mullen

Email:   terry_mullen@hvrpolicepipesanddrums.org
County:   Sullivan
Occupation:    Investigator SCDA
Position In Band:   Piper

Family Coat of Arms Clan Tartan
When did you start piping? 1989
How did you get your start in piping? Always wanted to play the pipes.
Who was/were your teacher(s)? Rich Finer  NYFD  
What make of bagpipes do you play?  Booth - Dumbar 
Favorite Pipe tune? A Nation Once Again
Favorite Pipe band? Too many to choose from.
What bands have you played with? Pipe Major for the NYSP Pipe Band, AOH Division #1 Monroe, NY. 
What is your most memorable moment during your piping career? I have many.
What would your wish be for the band in the next few years? New Members
What is the best tip that you can suggest to a new piper? Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice.