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Piper Mike Bello

Name:   Mike Bello

Email:   mike_bello@hvrpolicepipesanddrums.org
County:   Orange
Occupation:  LT. NYS Environmental Conservation Police
Position In Band:  Piper and Band Trustee

When did you start piping? February 2006
How did you get your start in piping? I have been listening and enjoying pipe band music for more than 10 years. Itís something I always wished I had the opportunity to do. In January 2006, I heard my job was planning on starting a pipe band and purchasing chanters. I had no idea what a chanter was, until it was put into my hand in February 2006. One requirement for the State band was to find and join a local band. I called D/S Dennis Barnett before calling P/S Terry Mullen. Dennis told me all about the HVR Band and invited me down. Itís been a lot of fun ever since.
Who was/were your teacher(s)? NYS Encon Police P/M Ed Stull and HVRís Andre Beliveau
What make of bagpipes do you play?  Pipelines
Favorite Pipe tune? Highland Cathedral
Favorite Pipe band? Hudson Valley Regional Police Pipes and Drums
What bands have you played with? Hudson Valley Regional Police Pipes and Drums and the NYS Environmental Conservation Police Pipes and Drums
What is your most memorable moment during your piping career? Playing America, Cassions and the Marine Corp Hymn for a good friends and colleagueís retirement. It was an unannounced 1st performance of our newly formed State Band, June 11, 2006.
What would your wish be for the band in the next few years? I feel that Iím just too new to have any wishes for these great bunch of guys and gals. However, whatever their wishes are, I will work hard and do my part to help attain them.
What is the best tip that you can suggest to a new piper? Donít put that chanter down!!!